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Value Ladder: The Ultimate Guide 2020

Do you masturbate?


I mean Why are you so skinny?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s my genetic problem.

Maybe. Have you ever tried to improve your health?

Yeah, Little bit. I used to eat healthy food but it didn’t work. So I give up.

Ok, listen, I also used to be skinny. One Day I discovered a video on youtube about skinny to muscular transformations. In this video, A skinny lad gets a massive muscular body within 1 year. I didn’t believe it. I watched continuously these types of videos on youtube. Eventually, I conclude that it is possible to transform your body skinny to muscular, At least healthier. As you can see my body, I use a simple method to get skinny to not healthier but bodybuilder. 

Yeah, You have a great body. Can you please tell me what is your easy method?

Why not. The method is really simple – exercise and Eat right. 

I know, You must say this but the problem is I don’t have gym equipment even I don’t know how to exercise.

No problem. In our town, We have a massive gym. They offer you a 7-day free trial. After 7 days, They also give you 1 to one free personal training.

Wow, that’s great. I will surely grab this opportunity.

This is the initial conversation of a value ladder with Jhon and Spencer . 2 days later, John joins the gym for 7 day free trials and loves it. After that, he is also willing to join a single free class and eventually he joins the monthly memberships. 

Here Spencer, a gym owner strategically taken through Jhon a powerful process that we all call the Value ladder.

value ladder template

Initially, Spencer created a free offer to attract his dream client john ( 7 day Free Trail)

In his 7 day free trials, John improved his health and he naturally joined monthly memberships. 

Spencer would also give Jhon additional value by providing personal training. 

That’s way, gym owners make the most money and provide the most value for their customers.  

So What is the value ladder?

A value ladder is the powerful process of mapping out your products and services as clients ascend the ladder, the value level increases that help to grow customer and value.

Why does your business need a value ladder?

You want to serve your customers at the highest level possible, Right?

Would you like to sell everyone your best product?

Naturally yes.

But here is the problem. 

 It literally slaps your business.


Let me explain,

Imagine, You see a beautiful girl in the street and he makes you crazy.  

You can’t wait but go in front of her and say I love you.

Guess, What is the result? Slap? If not, little better things happen – she ignores you.

You initially can’t approach this way. She doesn’t know you. 

The sensible thing you can do is introduce yourself and want to be friends with her. Then you need to slowly move – step by step, right?

The same thing happens in business. You go to social media, find a prospect who wants to grow his business. And then what you do is give an offer like this – Buy my thousands dollar course that helps you grow your business. 

Guess what happens, Like this girl, he slaps you or little better – ignores you.

Why is that?

Because You just met your prospects for the first time. What you need to is build trust. 

Let’s say, Your prospects visit your website and see a book that helps them solve a specific problem. In the book, You give so much value that your prospects come back and read all your blog posts, about you, your all email you sent them. 

Then if you offer them low ticket services or products, they might be bought from you and some people ascend your value ladder no matter what.

That’s why you need a value ladder. 

Another reason, You need a value ladder – Everyone doesn’t buy your high ticket products. Maybe they don’t have money or other reason. If you don’t have a value ladder, you lose all these prospects.

But if you have a value ladder, They may buy your low ticket products. 

How to build a value ladder  

Now you understand what is a value ladder and why you need one. Now The question is how to build your value ladder.

You make multitude way to create value ladder but I believe the best way to begin it: Market research. 

If you want to successful business, You need to know who are your competitors and what is going on your industry.

This only thing alone break or make your business. I called it business hacking.

What you need to do is go to your competitor funnels, opt-in their email list and find how they present their value ladder. This way you can understand what works and is proven in your market.

Once you completed your market research, the next thing you need to do is create a core offer. The core offer is the main services or products of your business.

Let’s say, You are a real estate broker, Your core offer could be buying/selling a home. 

Let’s say, You are a Digital marketer, Your core offer could be marketing course

But make sure your core offer is valuable and target your specific audience 

After creating a core offer you need to create a tripwire offer. A tripwire is a small irresistible offer that is priced between $3 to $29.

When anyone wishes to get a free shipping offer, In below, there is an option to get a tripwire offer. The goal of tripwire offers is to entice them to buy so you don’t lose money.

You should also need to create a lead magnet. The lead magnet could be a free ebook, checklist, case study. The goal of lead magnet is to collect lead.

Finally, you need to create a profit maximizer. You know, amateurs focus on the front end but a true professional focuses on the backend. Here you sell your time for money so the value is so high. 

People who buy your core offer also want to ascend your value ladder as much as possible. don’t miss this opportunity to make more money.

Value ladder Example

Here are some value ladder example

value ladder for chiropractors

Value ladder for Chiropractors

Free/Discounted adjustment > 2nd, 3rd Adjustment > Wellness plans (continuity)

Value ladder for the dentist

value ladder for dentist

 Free Teeth cleaning > Whitening >retainer > cosmetic surgery

Value ladder for online health business

value ladder for online health business

Free books/Apps > 30-day fat burn challenge > Digital course and coaching > Fat burning tribe

That’s all for you. I hope You find what you need to know. If you want to know more about the value ladder and sales funnel, You should read Russell Brunson DotcomSecrets book. This book is amazing.

Thank you so much for reading this post.

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  1. Steven Morrissette

    This was really interesting and I learned about the value ladder which is a new concept to me now that I will try to apply to my business.

  2. I like this information about market research. I think that market research is old school but its necessary and essential for any business. New or Old if you want to develop your business you have to know what is out there.

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Liked the Value Ladder concept. It can be applied in any field of work. We need to understand the steps of the ladder and then ways to climb on each rung to grow big.

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