SuperOkay Lifetime Deal – Customizable client portals 

It’s hard to stay connected with all the critical information on multiple projects at all times.

Too many emails and spreadsheets to keep track of. It all becomes a mess quickly and it becomes hard to get work done.

SuperOkay is a collaboration tool that offers customizable client portals to share project links, assets, connected apps and more with your stakeholders. SuperOkay is an alternative to Portal and Basecamp. Easily assign tasks and store key information so nothing gets lost. From one-person shops to marketing agencies, SuperOkay helps you juggle your projects, clients and team so you can stay on top of it all!

What is SuperOkay?

SuperOkay is a platform that offers customizable client portals to share project links, assets, connected apps, and more with your stakeholders. This alternative to Portal and Basecamp will help you to organize your projects, assign tasks and store key information so nothing gets lost. There’s even an optional billing module so you can send out invoices through secure links, directly from your portal. SuperOkay is great for freelancers, agencies and service providers. Get it today!

best for digital marketers, web developers, and agencies seeking an organized client project management system.


1. Robust client portal that is easy to customize 

2. Easily assign tasks and store key information 

3. Perfect for digital marketers, web developers, and agencies 

4. Organized client project management system

SuperOkay LifeTime Deals Feature

Project dashboard

White-labelled client interface

With our beautifully designed interface, you’ll be able to delight your clients and keep your projects moving. You’ll be able to manage client requests, send briefs and proposals, get client sign-off and more, all within the same interface. Plus, you’ll be able to embed the apps you use right into our platform, so you never have to switch 

Send interactive docs

Use our powerful Input Types to build the right doc for any project. Collect all the information you need with our beautiful responsive docs that you can share with your client.

Long Text

Textarea text-based answers

Multiple Choice

Show multiple options to be selected from

Image Choice

Show a selection of images to choose from

File Upload

Ask your client to attach images and files


Show a scale with numbers or icons to rate the answer on


Show a slider between two opposing values and place the answer between them.

2D Slider

Pick an answer by visually placing it on a 2D graph with labels

Branded interface for new and existing clients

With a branded interface for new and existing clients, your client will have an impressively simple starting point each time they engage with you. All your smart documents will be in a simple interface, with action items for each document. You can embed the apps you already use, like Figma prototypes, Airtable bases, Trello boards, and Miro boards.

Connect the apps you already use

SuperOkay gives your clients access to hundreds of apps and products, including Figma prototypes, Airtable bases, Trello boards, and Miro boards. You can also embed any dashboard from your Google Data Studio account, or any Google Drive folder. If your app offers an embed feature, you can add it to SuperOkay.

Airtable bases

Project trackers, CRMs, databases, forms. Embed any Airtable base.

Figma Prototypes

Share your smart documents via a unique link to get insights into your client’s needs.

Miro boards

Keep everything in one place and get granular approvals throughout the life of the project.

Data Studio Reports

Embed any dashboard from your Google Data Studio account

Drive Folder

Embed the contents of any Google Drive folder

And hundreds more

If your app offers an embed feature, you can add it to SuperOkay

A content library of reusable blocks and templates.

Case Studies

Document your past work by creating case studies of your projects. Add client testimonials to help illustrate the results you achieved. You can then easily reuse this content in any Proposal or Brief.

Reusable Blocks

Save parts of documents you use often, such as bios for your key people, case studies and billable services. This will make creating proposals and briefs easier and faster.

Team Bios

Create rich bios for your key team members. Then include them in proposals with just a few clicks.

Billable Services

Save and reuse your most commonly used services and rates. This will help you speed up the proposal writing process.

Boost your productivity.

SuperOkay is a productivity tool for service providers that allows you to better manage your client-facing interactions. With SuperOkay, you can ensure that you always agree on what you’re doing, how much it costs, and when it will be ready.

SuperOkay AppSumo lifetime deal 

For just $69.00, you can purchase a License Tier 1, which includes a one-time purchase of $360.00 worth of features. This license is perfect for small businesses or individual users who want to take advantage of all the features Dabbleboard has to offer.

License Tier 2 includes all features above, plus: -Unlimited projects -1 team member(s) -Custom domain -White labelling

SuperOkay is offering a special promotion for new users who want lifetime access to all future updates for the Solo, Solo+, or Business plans. There are no codes or stacking required–just choose the plan that’s right for you. However, you must activate your license within 60 days of purchase. Additionally, users have the ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers, making SuperOkay GDPR compliant. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason.

SuperOkay Lifetime deal Conclusion

SuperOkay is a great platform for easily sharing project information, assets, and tasks with your clients. It is a much better alternative to using portals like Basecamp, which can be difficult to navigate and track. SuperOkay also integrates with preexisting apps that you and your clients may be using, making the transition to using the platform a breeze.

Who can use SuperOkay?

SuperOkay can be used by anyone who needs to share project information, assets, and apps with their clients in an easy-to-use dashboard. This includes digital marketers, web developers, and agencies.

What are the prime features of HuddleIQ?

Some key features of SuperOkay include the ability to customize the client portal, as well as easily assign tasks and store key information. This makes it an ideal platform for sharing documents, content, tasks, links, and embedded apps with clients. SuperOkay is also an alternative to both Portal and Basecamp.