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4 Best Way to Promote Clickfunnels For Free (with Bonus)

Are you looking to promote Clickfunnels for free as an affiliate but don’t know the proven method to promote Clickfunnels?

This guide designed to help you get started with click funnels as an affiliate even if you a beginner in affiliate marketing.

You know, Clickfunnel isn’t regular page builder. It is a perfect solution for online sales system. It can do all the things such as create websites, Build membership sites, landing page design, build sales funnels, Email automation, Tracking, Split testing and Payment processing.

I have found many click funnel affiliate marketer keep asking how to promote Clickfunnels affiliate program.

If you are in the Clickfunnels avenger’s group, you may be found many people actively seeking how to promote click funnel for free as an affiliate. 

That’s why I write this guide. So without further ado, let’s get started

Why do You promote click funnels as an affiliate program?

The first reason I promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate because I really like the products itself. You know It’s a powerful selling machine that enables you to do anything to sell online.

Here are some benefits:

1. sticky cookies: that means when your visitor clicks on your affiliate link, they are on your sticky cookies. Then whenever they buy whatever Clickfunnels products, you will get commissions

2. One funnel away challenge: is the main training program that helps people to launch your next funnel. This course provided by Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian and Steve Larsen all are 7 & 8 figures coaches. This course costs only $100 and the main thing is you will get 100% commissions

3. Dream car contest: If you are in a click funnels affiliate program, you already click funnel dream car contest. When you will get active 200 Clickfunnels members, they will send you a $1000 check to reimburse your payments on your dream car.

4. Share funnel: share funnel is the cool things for Clickfunnels affiliate. You have a unique URL for each funnel you create where you can share funnels with others.

You can also use other peoples high converting sales funnels without a need to create from scratch.

How to promote click funnels for free as an affiliate

Do you think promoting Clickfunnels is hard? Hell yeah. But this guide helps you to understand how you can promote click funnels without much effort.

When you Sign up for Clickfunnels affiliate program, Russell Brunson will encourage you to join affiliate Bootcamp where top click funnel affiliate tell you how they promote Clickfunnels products. It is absolutely goldmine and the main thing it is free.

Anyway, here are some cool ideas anyone can implement to get success from ClickFunnels Affiliate

Promote Clickfunnels With a Blog

Start a blog is very easy now. You can start a blog with Bluehost under 30 minutes. Just go to Bluehost and Buy hosting and You also get a free domain name.

Bluehost has created a simple way to install WordPress on their dashboard. With some click, You get a beautiful blog. Then You need to customize your blog. Choose a theme that customizable, fast, lightweight and looks stunning. I recommend Astra theme. If you want, Our team can set up your blog website that looks stunning and professional. Contact me here.

Now the question is How to promote ClickFunnel with a blog?

When it comes to a blog, Our Main strategy is ranking click funnel related keyword in google. Clickfunnel related keyword isn’t saturated yet. There are a lot of keywords that very low competitive. That means you just need to publish content to rank on google. 

At first, we target a low competitive keyword that easily rankable because when you just starting, you won’t go after keyword like Clickfunnel review. It is very much competitive now.

With a low competitive keyword, You need to create quality content that rankable without much effort.

Then you slowly build authority to your site to create valuable content. You also do some SEO and create basic backlink. For Seo, I recommend reading Brian dean Backlinko blog.

It is very important to realize if you target low competitive keywords at first, You won’t need to build any links. It will rank naturally.

I have collected 498 Clickfunnels keywords for you. I know You desperately need this, so I share with you here.

Promote ClickFunnels with Youtube channel

Starting a youtube channel is one of the easiest ways to promote Clickfunnels affiliate.

The problem is many introverted people like me don’t like putting themselves in front of the camera.

But You could create videos without showing your face. You would create Screen capture video and the best thing is matches with Clickfunnels niche.

What do you need to create a Screen capture video?

  1. A screen capture software
  2. A good microphone 
  3. And Your voice

Here are types of videos you can create to promote Clickfunnes Products

  1. Review videos: It’s one of the best ways to promote any affiliate products. There are a lot of products of click funnel such as One Funnel away, Dotcom SEcrets book, Expert Secrets Book and Clickfunnels itself. The key here is to Give your user honest opinion about Clickfunnels products. You need to go through all the products and reviews them with brutal honesty. You can get click funnel for 14 days free. It’s enough to learn all the things about click funnels.
  1. Tutorial video: You can create tutorial videos related sales funnels, Landing page, and online selling to promoting click funnels affiliate. You can create video niche related like sales funnel for a dentist, sales funnel for blogger or affiliate marketing.
  1. Target keyword related Clickfunnels: like blogging, You can also target keyword for ClickFunnel. I have shared the keyword list above. You can target all of this keyword for your video.

How To Promote Clickfunnels as an Affiliate on Facebook

Facebook is my favourite When it comes to promoting click funnels. In Facebook, we need to promote strategically with the Facebook free funnel. 

We use the Facebook personal profile as a lead generation page. Here we Invite people to join our group. In our group, We educate people to build trust and then sell without selling.

As a traffic method, We use other peoples group where we join and helping people genuinely. We post great content, commenting other people post.

When we do this, people naturally want to cheek our personal profile where we invite people to join our group.

This way, you could also collect their email address. When people want to join your group, you can ask them to enter their email address. You can use group convert chrome extension to automatically add email to your autoresponder.

Spencer Mecham who earn above two million uses this technique. You can watch his profile and model it. 

Promoting ClickFunnels Using Quora

As like Facebook, You can promote Clickfunnels from Quora with Free funnel. 

We use the Quora profile as a lead generation machine. So when people come to our Quora profile, we force them to join our email list.

We answer questions related to Clickfunnels to attract people to our profile. When making sense, we promote Clickfunnels products in our answer.

to succeed in quora, You need to provide a very quality answer. You know, Quora rank answer 1st result that gets most upvote. if people like your answer, they upvote on your answers. that’s the way you can rank above in quora.

Now it is your turn

so that’s for you today’s guide.

Now I want to know which strategy you want to implement first.

Do you want to start a blog to promote Clickfunnels?

or, Do you implement the Facebook strategy?

let me know by leaving a comment below right now Or if you any questions regarding Clickfunnels, I am ready for you.

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  1. Great tips for promoting Clickfunnels. I haven’t heard much about it, but I know it is super helpful for generating sales.

  2. I have always wondered how the click funnels affiliate program worked. I see the ads on Facebook and think about whether that would be something I would be interested in. My curiosity is now piqued even further.

  3. Hi Mahmadul Hasan,
    Appreciate the share. Never thought Clickfunnel program can be this useful. As you mentioned Youtube, Facebook, and Quora are some great channels through which we can promote our product.

  4. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    These is a really great tactic to take advantage of. It is especially useful to keep traffic flowing long after the post.

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