Lovo AI Review: Is It The Best Text-To-Speech Software?

Lovo AI is an Artificial Intelligence voice app that speaks to you with natural, human-sounding voices.

The app has a large collection of voices from different nationalities, genders, and languages. It has a lot of features that you won’t find in other text-to-speech apps.

So, is Lovo AI the best text-to-speech app out in the market today?

Well, that will depend on your preferences.

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What is Lovo AI – Lovo AI Review

LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with natural-sounding AI voiceover and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment.

It’s perfect for any business that needs human-like text-to-speech capabilities with 180+ voices in 34 languages. With LOVO, your content will sound more engaging and professional.

Who is Lovo AI for?

We’ve been hearing that Lovo AI is perfect for marketers, e-learning course creators, and YouTubers who need voiceovers for videos or training. they have a wide selection of voices that cover up to 34 languages and dialects.

Lovo Demo Video – Lovo Review

Lovo AI Features

Over 180 voice options 

 With over 180 Voice Skins to choose from, you will surely find the perfect voice that suits your needs. This is especially useful for videos streamed internationally. Easily choose from different voices and accents to project the right tone for your message. Advanced filters

 34 different languages

 34 different languages, all in one software. There’s no need to hire voice-over talents from all over the world anymore; with this software, you can produce quality content that can be viewed anywhere.

 Tweak it to perfection!

 Tweak it to perfection! With LOVO, you can easily customize your voice sample by changing the speed or adding emphasis to particular words. You can also effortlessly change the accent of your voice. Tweak it to perfection!


Don’t stop there! The customization doesn’t stop there, either. Some words are difficult to pronounce – even proper nouns that have unique pronunciations. If you find errors in the pronunciation of some words,

Add background music!

Plain audio is boring. Add some oomph to your voice samples through the background music. LOVO AI has an easy-to-use, built-in audio editor so you can make alterations without breaking a sweat

Instantly share your output.

Once you have the perfect audio, you can easily share it across different devices and platforms. May it is through email, social media or a shareable link, you can transfer your files efficiently.

Awesome discount!

With $588 off, you can get lifetime access to LOVO Studio Freelancer Plan for as low as $49! You also have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade across three license tiers.

Lovo AppSumo pricing

Exclusively for AppSumo, LOVO is giving away lifetime access to their Studio Freelancer Plan. You can also get access to any of their three license tiers at a discounted price.

lovo AI Pros and Cons

LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with natural-sounding AI voiceover and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment. LOVO is an all-in-one voiceover solution that allows you to convert multiple formats, listen to audio, and share audio with unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing capabilities. From voiceovers to soundtracks, LOVO has everything you need for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment. And because LOVO is constantly adding new features and voiceovers, you never have to worry about outgrowing your platform.
You can get unlimited, high-quality conversions, listenings, and shares. Our voice skins include 180+ voices and all newly released voices. We have 34 languages. And you can add BGM.

A LOVO subscription allows users to enjoy unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing features with a collection of premium voice skins and all 34 languages.

Lovo AI Conclusion – Lovo Review

LOVO has revolutionized the text-to-speech competition, outperforming existing apps in the market. Your next video could have a robot behind the voice-over but no one would even suspect it! Use it for producing e-learning materials, advertisements and more! Take advantage of this amazing deal and save hundreds to thousands of dollars with AppSumo