Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

You’re not alone, man. Every month hundreds of people ask the questions. When I started, I was also asking myself – is affiliate marketing worth my time and effort.

I have been affiliate marketing for 2 years. Almost my first year, I couldn’t make money affiliate marketing. My motivations went down. I was like this not for me and I was almost giving up.

Although I learned every day from youtube video and blog post, I couldn’t figure out How affiliate marketing works. One day, I found a guy named Spencer Mecham Who Clickfunnels #1 affiliate. His free stuff is pretty awesome. He has some free high-quality affiliate marketing courses. His free stuff gives me so much value so I want to invest in his paid course affiliate secrets and entirely changed my life.

In his course, he tells you how he becomes #1 affiliate marketer of Clickfunnels. His course helped me organise my thoughts and helped me start all over again in the right way. It was a life-saving investment for me.

Is affiliate marketing worth or not is depending on you. If you are a beginner affiliate marketer and don’t know fundamentals, the right strategy, Then you may struggle like me. 

So here are some questions for you:

Do you understand affiliate marketing fundamentals?

Do you know the proven strategies of affiliate marketing?

If yes, Go ahead. You know, If you start affiliate marketing with a blog, it needs some time to rank your keyword. But When you rank keywords, You will get traffic organically. 

You know more traffic = more sales.

#Is affiliate marketing worth your time?

If you start affiliate marketing with blogging, It needs some time to get results. So you need to invest at least six months to get results. But if you start affiliate marketing with paid ads, You get instant results.

So it depends on you. If you have no money, You should start a blog and invest your time on that.

If you only invest your time on blogging, in the first six months You rarely get results, but after six months, Your blog gets rank in google and you get results. How much you earn from blogging depends on what niche you are in.

#Is affiliate marketing worth your effort?

Business is hard work. You need to learn all the things, implement it in your business and yet you get failure. 

So is it worth your effort you put in an affiliate marketing business?

I think yes. Spencer Mecham is a Clickfunnels #1 affiliate marketer. He makes millions of dollars from Clickfunnels. But he struggled in his initial days. But now he enjoys his passive income.

So if you work hard on your affiliate marketing business in initial days, You will reap the benefit in later

If you want to start affiliate marketing in the right way, here are my some tips and strategies for you

#Select one product and one Marketing channel.

When I started affiliate marketing, I made this deadly mistake. I select all the affiliate products on my niche and try to market in all the channels. 

So I messed up all the things. 

So when you start an affiliate marketing journey, I recommend you to start with one marketing channel and one product. If you want to start a blog, just go for it and master it. Be laser-focused and it helps you tremendously.

#Select low competitive keyword

When you are just starting whether it is a blog or youtube channel, I recommend you must select a low competitive keyword. Low competitive keywords instantly rank on google so you get organic traffic.

The funny thing is I write some blog posts with a keyword that has zero search volume But It gives me hundreds of traffic every month. So don’t underestimate low volume keywords. This is your secret hero. Just go for it.

#Grow email list from day 1

It said that money is on the list. The value of every email is $1. So if you have #1000 people on your list, It gives you $1000 every month.

Collecting email from blogs is easy. You just need to create a lead magnet form to collect email. Sumo is the perfect tool for that if you are using WordPress. If you want to nurture your lead you need to autoresponders such as Active Campaign, Aweber.

So I can’t stretch. Growing an email list from day 1 is very very important.

#4. Create Bonuses

Do you want to convert your reviews blog post into sales, Then create bonuses? Not diarrhoea bonuses, You should need unique and awesome bonuses that are related to product reviews. 

For bonuses, You can create free courses, ebooks, and apps. If you create bonuses better than your competitor, you most likely get sales.

Let’s say, You want to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. So what you need to do is create bonuses related to Clickfunnels. For example, You can create a course about How to start Clickfunnels the right way or Create sells funnels with Clickfunnels like this.

#5. Write Money-making post

Reviews, Comparisons post are money-making posts. Informative posts help you make trust and Money-making posts help you make money. In my first year of blogging, I just write informative content and wonder Why I can’t get any sales. When I started writing money-making posts, My sell was starting. The ratio of informative article and the money-making article should be 2:1.   

#Final thoughts

If you are a beginner, you might get overwhelmed because there are so many tactics and tips. You might feel helpless. As I said earlier, Stick with one strategy, one traffic source and one product. That’s the key to success on affiliate marketers. Keep things simple and I hope you’ll get a desirable result very soon. Thanks

14 thoughts on “Is affiliate marketing worth it?”

  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Nice informative post on Affiliate marketing. I have not been able to yet venture into this area. Your post gives me the courage to venture for it, let me see if I succeed.

  2. Some good points here for bloggers who want to develop an affiliate marketing income stream. I think the key from what you have said is to persevere and be determined, consistent and patient to build your low competition keywords and traffic. Over time, this will hopefully yield results.

  3. I havent tried Affiliate Marketing yet, but I love to explore more about this. Yes, business is really hard work. We also need to know some strategies to work smart. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I have not dipped my feet in Affiliate marketing yet. It does sound enticing. I will have to do my research on it, now that I have more extra time to use.

  5. Great post and insights into affiliate marketing! I think affiliate marketing is worth it and even though I haven’t seen paid results yet except for views and clicks on my products, that is still a few steps closer to being a commission. It definitely takes more views and given time on it but just for the purpose of leaving that option for readers on your blog is worth it.

  6. I love the practical advice in this article! Very helpful for small businesses. I think it’s worth it as long as you invest the time to keep up with it!

  7. I have been trying affiliate marketing for some time but unable to get the result. I realized my mistake by reading this informative blog. Thank you for sharing this blog.

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