Is affiliate marketing hard? The Crazy Truth

A few days ago, one of my readers asked me is affiliate marketing hard? He has been trying affiliate marketing for three months but he didn’t make any dime.

Then I also asked this question on google. Guess what? Every month, 50 people ask these questions. So I am thinking, why not create a blog post about is affiliate marketing hard or not. 

So here I am. I want to answer your questions. Yes, Affiliate marketing is very hard. Even 95% of people who get into affiliate marketing fail.

Now guess how hard affiliate marketing is?

When I started affiliate marketing, I got frustrated. There are a lot of affiliate methods out there. I couldn’t decide what to choose. I am jumping over one method to another method. 

As a result, I found affiliate marketing is frustrating.

What is the problem of my approach? Is affiliate marketing hard?

I was following every guru advise how to start affiliate marketing. They are different, their strategy is different. So I get overwhelmed very quickly. 

So then I decided to follow one mentor and implement all of his advice for at least six months. And this led me to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Now, You may want to know who my mentor is and how I select as a mentor and go through all of his free and paid information.

Ok, My mentor is Spencer Machham. I follow all his advice and implement it in my affiliate marketing business. If you don’t know, he is the first Clickfunnels affiliate millionaire. He has a free course that gives you immense value. Check out all of his free courses.

How to start affiliate marketing right way

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you have to think it is a long term game. I see a lot of my community select random products from ClickBank and then promote it. They don’t collect email. They just send people to the sales page. What a waste. It is completely the wrong way to do affiliate marketing.

So what is the right way to do affiliate marketing

1. Select a niche

Niche selection is very crucial for affiliate marketing. It helps you generate more profit in the long term. Let’s say, you promote a weight loss product and collect an email list. And then you select another weight loss product. Now you can promote this weight loss product to your existing email list. 

If you promote one specific niche, your email list keeps growing. Let’s say, you have 50000 emails in your list. Now you don’t need to promote your products. You just email them in your list and you get a lot of sales only from your email list.

So, This is the real benefit of niche selection. I can’t stretch about that. You must select a niche and then start collecting their email.

So how to select a profitable niche?

When it comes to selecting a niche, you should focus on three core interests of human- health, wealth and relationship. 

For example, I am in a wealth niche. I am writing about affiliate marketing. It’s a sub-niche of wealth. 

So select a niche that you are interested in and profitable.

2. Create Content

After selecting a niche, you should create content. Your content can be videos, images, audio or text. Whatever content you create, you should focus on quality. 

But most affiliate marketers start with blog and youtube videos. I recommend you to start with one platform. It can be blogging or youtube.

First, Focus on low competitive keywords because low competitive keywords rank easily. 

3. Start Collecting an Email list

The Email list is the most valuable aspect of email marketing. You should collect email from day one. It said that money is on the list.  

If you collect 1000 emails, It approximately gives you 1000$ every month. So how you can create an email list.

First of all, you need to create a lead magnet. It can be an ebook, free video course, and anything that provides massive value.

So when people come to your blog or youtube channel, you show him your lead magnet. If they are interested enough, They give email address exchanges for free stuff. 

You can use free email software called AWeber to collect email addresses. 

4. Create an affiliate marketing funnel

You promote various products of your niche but you need to select the main offer. The main offer is something that you promote to everyone on your list. It can be courses or software. But of course, there are better options.

So after selecting your main offer, you need to create a 2 step email marketing funnel. In the 1st step, you create a bridge page. Bridge page is something that you talk about your offer and then send them to the affiliate offer.

5. Driving traffic to your main offer

Now, you are all set. What you need to do is now start driving traffic. There are a lot of ways you can drive traffic to your offer. The best free way to drive traffic to your offer is blog and youtube.

You can also drive traffic with paid ads. If you have money, start with paid ads. If you have time, start with either blogging or youtube.

That’s all for you guys. I hope you understand the main concept of how to start affiliate marketing in the right way. Affiliate marketing is hard when you do it wrong. But If you do it right, it’s way easier.

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