Watch Me How I Make Millions

Watch Me How I Make Millions

My Name is Mahmudul Rubel. I am 20 twenty years old and live in Bangladesh.

I believe we can have whatever it is that we choose, I don’t care Where you are, how big it is. I Believe Anything is Possible.

But The thing about life is it’s not always easy and you can’t always win.

At some point it hits you.
It hits you really really hard.
The person you love doesn’t love you back.

You get fired
You lose a family member.
at some point in your life, you’re gonna hit rock bottom.
you’re like paralyzed.

I am in this situation Right now. Right Now No one believes in me, even my family members, my loved ones. I am at the lowest point of my life. Whatever I am doing right now fails.

When I was born, I had a happy wonderful family. We have enough resources to lead a happy life.

But things quickly changed.

One Day My father told me that he can’t bear my education expenses and it happens. I dropped out of college, Not for I am a bad student but for little money.

Even Worse, we struggled for food

I don’t know why, whenever I fail, My dream, My goal gets bigger.
Now my goal is so big that I am uncomfortable telling it to my friends and family. They must be laughing at me. So I am thinking I am going to share my dream with you guys. I know, You guys are very positive and willing to encourage anyone who wants to be limitless.

Anyway, My Goal is pretty big. As you can see in the Title – I wanna be a millionaire before 2026. I am twenty years old so it is 5-year long journey

The only reason I want to be a millionaire is Because of the struggle, poverty and hunger I face in my life. These three things give me so much strength.

It sounds crazy. You may be laughing at me. But I will make it anyway.

As Navin Jain said, Set a goal as high as possible, people call you crazy.

My Ultimate Goal is to be a millionaire before I am 26. It Doesn’t Mean I Only Focus on only money. I set this goal because money is the main motivator for me. I know If I want to be a billionaire, I need to be in the top 1% of the world. I don’t worry about this, Because all the skills I need are learnable and trainable.

I know If I only focused on money, I couldn’t achieve this goal. I need to solve problems That impact millions of people. So my main focus is to solve a large problem That the world is facing right now. I know, If I can do this, Money will come anyway.

I Broke down this goal Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and daily. I work for only one purpose, Solving big problems that the world is facing now that impact millions of people.

As you can see, I am not even good at English but it doesn’t matter. I know all the things I need are learnable and trainable.

All I have is Belief.

I Make this challenge public because I want to show you that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they believe.

I am planning to document all the things like my strategy, how I start, My win, My losses. If you want to follow this exciting journey with me, If you want to achieve anything you want, If you want to encourage me, support me, then please subscribe to my newsletter. Every time I document anything, I will keep you informed.

That’s all for you guys. See you soon. Thank you so much

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