The Ultimate List of Free Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Free Blogging tools are essential for every blogger. Blogging tools automate your work and make you a better blogger in every aspect of blogging.

Today I am going to share with you excellent blogging tools for 2019.

The best part: all are free to use.

So if you want to take your blogging skill next level, you’ll love this guide

Let’s start

#1. Grammarly

Free best grammar and spelling checker tool for blogger

Do you want to error-free writing? With Grammarly, you can able to eliminate grammar, spelling errors with a second. 

The best part? You can eliminate weak words to express better yourself. 

How can use Grammarly? 

Create a free account and add a Grammarly extension to your browser.  You can get corrections anywhere you write whether it is Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress Gutenberg or Facebook.

The best part? You can eliminate weak words to express better yourself.  Just double click any word you can change. Then Grammarly suggests a bunch of similar words you can use instead of this word.  

In summary: if you want to error-free writing without spending money, Grammarly is the only option you should take a look.

#2. Sumo

Sumo is a powerful email list building tool. Even you can add a cool social button to your WordPress site with the free version of sumo.

What if I tell you can able to build email lists like a pro without spending any single penny?

With the free version of sumo, you can create:

  • Pop up opt-in form with beautiful templates
  • Scroll box
  • Smart bar
  • Full-screen call to action called Welcome mat

You can even add a beautiful social sharing button. I have created my social sharing button with sumo. It’s one of plugins I can’t live without.

Here is the tutorial on how you can use sumo free plugin

Bottom line: if you want to build lists like a pro without money, you should use sumo.

#3 MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing tool allows you to add 2000 subscriber and send up to 12000 emails per month for free.

If you are looking for email marketing software with the automation feature, there are no better than MailChimp.

In fact, you can automate your email marketing with MailChimp for free. You can integrate any other email list building tool like sumo with MailChimp.

MailChimp and sumo is the perfect combination who want to build email lists for free.

Here is the video you can learn all the things about MailChimp. Enjoy!

#4. QuestionDB

Find your customers burning questions.

Customer words are valuable. If you inject customer questions into your content, they assume this content write for him and you get to sell like a hotcake.

The question is how to find customers question words?


Just enter your topic into QuestionDB, it suggests a bunch of popular customer questions.

And then sprinkle the question your question whenever it needs. Boom.

Bottom line: if you want to your content trustable and user-friendly, use super helpful QuestionDB.

#5. Unsplash

Get free high quality, relevant image

Want photos for the latest blog post or Facebook cover photo?

With Unsplash, you get thousands of beautiful, relevant images for your project for free.

You can browse its category to find an image easily.

#6 MixKit

Extraordinary HD videos are completely free of charge.

Videos are one of the channels people engage so much. In fact, now 80% of global internet consumption is video content.

What if I give you a video source that completely free? 

MixKit is a market new tool that gives you free hundreds of videos without attribution and licence.

You can use the category to find relevant videos for your project. The best part is adding videos every week. 

If you sign up for its newsletter, you get 10 videos every week straight into your email.

#7 Canva

Create visual content easily in a minute?

Do you need custom visuals for your next blog post? Look no further.

Canva is an insanely useful tool that allows you to create any kind of image without any technical knowledge. Their drag and drops interface makes it surprisingly simple to create stunning visuals.

The best part you can use thousands of professional pre-template absolutely free.

I have used many Image creating tool but I found Canva is one of the best. I am saved a ton of times by using Canva. If you look for free but professional image creating tool, Canva is a perfect choice.

#8. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

“On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”


Do you write good headlines? Confused. So how do you know your headline is actually good?

Here it comes to the Coscudule headline analyzer. It measures headlines based on a lot of factors like power words, length, keywords and a bunch of things. 

The best part it gives you useful recommendations that you can implement instantly to make your headline even better.

#9 Similar web

Get insider data on your competitors.

Want to know how much traffic your competitor which marketing channel gives them the most traffic?

Then SimilarWeb is for you. 

Why I love similarWeb? Because it gives you some insider data like monthly visitors, top sites that send your competitor most traffic and which social media they use to get traffic.

You can also able to see your competitor’s average visit duration bounce rate and average page visit per people.

So if you want to steal your competitor strategy, you’ll also love this tool.

#10 Pingdom website speed test 

Measure your website speed.

Website speed is one of the important Google ranking factors. If your website slowly loads, it struggles to rank on the first page. So you need to measure and improve your website speed.

How you can do that?

Pingdom speed test. Just enter your website URL. measure how long it takes to load your website.

The best part: it recommends the culprits that cause slow loading. 

#11 Hemingway app

Make your writing concise and clear.

Hemingway app highlights the complicated sentence, common errors, and critical words in writing so that you can improve your writing more.

Just paste your writing in Hemingway editor. It recommends a bunch of suggestions you need to incorporate.

#12 Calmly writer

Distraction-free writing tool

In the digital marketing space, one of the worst problems is distraction. 

When we write in any typical word processor, we distracted by many things such as email notifications, youtube popups.

That’s why we need a minimalist, distraction-free writing tool that blocks out everything except the writing screen.

One of the best tool I have used calmy writer online that is free. Here some other free options you also can use

Write (Windows-free)

Focus writer (Windows, Mac-free)

Writer (chrome-paid)

Ulysses ( Mac, iOS-paid)

#13 Elementor

Elementor is a simple drag and drop page builder that allows you to create any kind of website without technical knowledge.

You are able to create pages or posts by arranging blocks of content with a drag and drop tool.

The best part: you can create any kind of landing page for free. You can also use pre templates to create any kind of page in a matter of time.

So far, it’s one of the best page builders I have ever seen. If you love the beautiful, stunning website, I recommend you use this tool.

#14 Google Keep 

Simple free note-taking tool

If you want a simple note-taking tool, here is the free option- Google keep.

Quickly write down what’s your mind now. Otherwise, you’ll forget. As a blogger, we need to do so many works. It is obvious that we forget many things. but if we note down all the important things that pop up in our mind in Google keep, our ideas survive. 

So if you want to clutter-free note-taking app, go for Gooogle keep. The best part it’s absolutely free.

15 Google alerts

Monitor any topic you want.

With google alert, you can track anything you want. 

I use it for brand mention. Just set up an alert your brand name and your name. When someone mentions you, you get notified by Google. The best part, if they mention you plain text, there is an opportunity to get sweet backlinks. Cool! Isn’t it?

#16 Tailwind

Content scheduling app for Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is a powerful content scheduling that saves your valuable time. The best part: its automatically optimize your schedule based on when your audience is active on social media.

You’ll also join tribes to share your content to get more exposure. 

I love their analytics options. because of You’ll able to see analytics for an individual pin. So you can measure what pin working and what’s not.

#13 Answer the public

Find the question that your customer asks.

Answer the public one of the coolest free tools I have used ever. It gives all the questions your customer in the online world.

How to use this tool: Just head over answer the public. Put your keyword. And it gives all the related questions. And then sprinkle the keyword in your content that makes sense

Warping it up:

There you have it. My favourite free blogging tool.

Did I miss anything?

Which piece of software on this list did you hear first?

Let me know to leave a quick comment below.