EventTitans Lifetime Deal – Simple hybrid event management

Do you want to create an event that’s easy for your attendees to enjoy? EventTitans is a complete event management software solution that makes it easy to build custom white-label websites and customize ticketing, check-ins, attendee profiles, email marketing campaigns, etc. Plus, our mobile app turns your attendees into loyal customers by giving them access to all their information from an easy-to-use interface.

Meet EventTitans—the app that’ll help you create, manage and sell tickets for your next event. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, EventTitans will make it easy for you to sell tickets and collect attendee information all in one place.

hey, In this post, I am going to review EventTitans Lifetime Deal that helps you manage your events from start to finish

Overview Of EventTitans

EventTitans is an event management platform that helps you create and manage events from start to finish. You can create a custom white-label website for your event, sell tickets, organize attendees, manage groups within your community or conference, and more—all in one place.

Alternative to Bizzabo and Cvent

It would be Best for Conference and event organizers


Event Website Builder

Go live in less than 24 hours with a sleek, inviting website in minutes. Showcase your event sponsors, speakers, agenda, and much more.

To create your website, simply choose your desired template and enter all the necessary information. You can customize banners, add images, and move, add, or hide sections, among other features. Create a custom URL to better brand your event. Auto-onboard and engage sponsors, speakers, and attendees with self-onboarding links and a beautifully designed, easy-to-use site.

With this platform, you can manage all event-related digital media content in one place. Link your event page to social media channels to further your reach. Improve SEO by choosing which event keywords you wish to be associated with. Showcase past and future events on your homepage, as well as organizer, speaker, and sponsor information. Include opportunities for attendees to provide feedback at every stage, and eliminate the hassle of post-event surveys.

You can also hide or show sections and take full control of customization. Make your event public or private, and specify which users have access. Customizing website tabs like agenda, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, networking, etc. is just a matter of checkboxes

Ticketing & Registration

Make event registration and ticketing easy with EventTitans. Our system is customizable for all event sizes and budgets and perfect for both online and offline ticketing.

With our powerful tools, you can keep track of attendees, segment them by ticket type, and learn about their behaviour to improve your marketing strategy.

You can also sell more tickets by offering promotions and early-bird specials. Plus, our easy-to-use payment system makes it easy to collect payments and track proceeds.


No matter how large or complex your event is, EventTitans helps you get the job done in record time by automating the check-in process. This means fewer staff are needed to run your event successfully.

Provide more value to attendees by giving them access to guest lists for networking purposes in exchange for a small fee.

Assign a different badge template for each attendee type – speakers, sponsors, audience members, exhibitors, etc. – so that when they check in, their badge type is automatically printed.

Our event check-in software allows you to register guests onsite or through kiosk sales, via mobile app and QR code, or through the EventTitans application.

Each attendee is given their own unique QR code, which gives them access to sessions, booths, and other features. Tag guests based on category (VIP, press, volunteer, etc.). Analyze their behavior and save all data to the built-in CRM.

Event Session Management

With our event management software, you can manage a simple session, complex conference, and everything in between with insights about attendees and performance. You can also:

Secure access by ensuring that only those with the proper credentials or tickets are attending the sessions.

Encourage real-time feedback from users by offering rewards and selecting winners automatically.

Verify audience participation for certifications and encourage them to get involved by including Live Q&As, polls, and gamification.

Drive more sponsors to your event with a better ROI that attracts and retains sponsors for future events. Showcase your sponsors at agenda and topic level, and keep them top-of-mind amongst your attendees.

Manage attendee access by only allowing attendees with the proper ticket type to access certain sessions. Give premium ticket holders access to exclusive sessions, and create different registration forms for each ticket type. Keep out unwanted intruders with our state-of-the-art security protocols.

Get in-depth session analytics with powerful real time analytics that can be exported in your desired format for further insight and analysis.

Event Analytics Software

Receive real-time insights into your event’s performance with EventTitans. Our built-in CRM automatically saves all information, which you can access at any time.

You can also choose to export the data to your preferred platform. With dynamic email marketing, keep in touch with your attendees and improve engagement rates. View everything you need to know on a single, easy-to-read dashboard that’s updated in real time.

Understand attendee behavior and get in-depth reports and real-time stats on attendees, engagement rates, check-ins, speaker performance, and more. Track behavior through each attendee’s custom QR code, and see how they spend their time at your event.

Reports can be downloaded and shared through email and social media. Get audience feedback at every stage of the event through Live Polls, chats and other features, and identify what attendees like and any areas of improvement to ensure that your next event is a success.

Use this information to improve ROI, and show sponsors and exhibitors why they should invest in your event. Register event with EventTitans event analytics tool to get started.

Sponsor Speaker Onboarding

Make your event more successful by using EventTitans to manage all your sponsor assets. With our inbuilt CRM, you can fill out the speaker interest form and add speakers with just a few clicks.

Attendees can view speaker bios and ratings, and speakers can update their own profiles. This saves you time and makes your event more streamlined.

You can also use our gamification module to increase booth or exhibitor engagement. Give your sponsors the tools they need to make their investment worthwhile and make your event more successful.

Networking & Mobile App

Attendees want a simple way to meet people and forge new connections, and that’s exactly what EventTitans offers. By integrating your mobile app with our Rewards Engine, you can encourage attendees to fill out surveys, visit exhibitor booths, ask questions, and more.

You can also allow attendees to participate in Live Q&As, polls, and chats via mobile app. Plus, you can use the app to send announcements and alerts, collect feedback, and enable attendees to network with their fellow participants.

And with all event information—from the agenda to speaker bios to information on sponsors and exhibitors—available directly from attendees’ phones, they’ll never miss a beat.

EventTitans Pricing

EventTitans comes with 3 plans

Growth, 3D Experiential, Premium And Ultimate that Included

EventTitans Appsumo Pricing

Get EventTitans Appsumo Lifetime Deal just only $99 instead of paying month by month that included

  • Event website builder
  • Virtual, in-person, and hybrid fundraising events
  • Advanced ticketing with upselling
  • Automatic sponsor and booth sales onboarding
  • Speaker management and feedback
  • Advanced surveys with logic functions
  • Gamification like Spin The Wheel and Word Search
  • Online polls
  • Live Q&A
  • Attendee management
  • Marketplace: products, hotels, and subscriptions
  • Coupons and automatic affiliate sales disbursements
  • Check-in app for live events
  • Event ticket printing app
  • Random rewards spin
  • Customizable registration forms

License Tier 1 :

One Time Purchase of $99.00

One-time purchase of $99.00. All features included: 1 active event, 500 attendees, and 5 users.

License Tier 2 :

One Time Purchase of $198.00

One Time Purchase of $198.00 includes all features above, 2 active events, 1,000 attendees, 10 userses, and 5 users.

License Tier 3 :

One Time Purchase of $297.00

With our one time purchase of $297, you will get 5 active events, 2,500 attendees, and 15 users. This is a great deal for anyone looking to get the most out of their money.

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Final Summary

EventTitans is a web-based event management application that makes managing events simple. EventTitans helps you easily setup your event, welcome attendees via SMS/Email, sell tickets with options for manual or automatic sales reports and processing, collect attendee information like registration forms, photos and more. With integrated social media functionality you can promote your event across all platforms in one place