Botgate AI Lifetime Deal

It is tough to realize the best prospects in your funnel and make a lasting connection with them.

Salespeople spend time guessing which of their leads are the most valuable and would convert, losing valuable time that could be spent pursuing leads.

Botgate AI comes equipped with a powerful lead scoring algorithm that determines how lucrative your leads are, allowing you to build targeted playbooks for each lead, engage them with personalized bots, and grow relationships that turn into sales.

Botgate AI is a no-code, conversational marketing platform that integrates seamlessly into your workflow to capture leads and boost conversions. Empower your sales team to close more deals with the help of a bot that engages prospects and tracks targeted customers. Transform your sales workflows with custom playbooks and bots that boost conversions, engage prospects, and track targeted customers. Engage customers in real-time by tracking every conversation in one place thanks to Botgate AIs’ convenient dashboard and shared inbox.

What is Botgate AI?

Botgate AI is a conversational marketing platform that helps you create chatbot campaigns that convert leads into customers. With an easy drag and drop builder, Botgate AIs powerful targeting, analytics and conversion reporting let you automate your sales processes to streamline lead qualification and customer nurturing. With Botgate AI, you can connect with customers on their favorite channel without creating a single line of code. Your custom conversational marketing bot will engage your prospects while carrying out all the steps of your sales process with ease. Try it today and make your business more efficient than ever!

If you’re looking to improve engagement and conversions while saving time, consider using a tool like Best. Best is designed to help sales, marketing, and support teams boost their performance and get more out of their time. With Best, you can easily create and manage your team’s sales pipeline, automate repetitive tasks, and track your team’s progress and performance.

Looking for an alternative to Drift, Qualified, and Landbot? Check out Botgate AI! Botgate AI is the leading platform for conversational marketing and sales. With Botgate AI, you can create and deploy chatbots to interact with your customers and prospects in real-time. Botgate AI is the only platform that offers both a drag-and-drop interface and a powerful scripting language, making it easy to create and deploy chatbots that are customized to your specific needs.

Besides, You can create custom playbooks for your conversational marketing bot to help it engage and qualify leads.

Before checking out the feature of Snackeet, let’s have a look at the use-cases for quality.

Conversational marketing

Pricing Plans


  • All playbooks
  • All integrations
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited workspaces

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TL;DR of Botgate AI

Botgate AI is a custom conversational marketing bot that engages and qualifies leads for you, so you can optimize your processes while keeping users happy.

With Botgate AI, you can create custom playbooks for your custom bot, and capture leads with multi-channel funnels. Botgate AI integrates with Slack, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, so you can get the most out of your leads.


Botgate AI is the best choice for sales, marketing, and support teams that want to boost engagement and conversions while saving time.

Botgate AI LifeTime Deals Feature

  1. Automate your sales/marketing/support processes to make your employees spend less time on the jobs that your AI bot can easily cover.
  2. With Botgate AI, you can optimize your processes while saving more time.
  3. Botgate AI offers a team inbox feature to help you scale your business.
  4. You can also use the live view feature to see who is visiting your website in real-time.
  5. Botgate AI also has a built-in analytics tool to help you track the data that has been generated from your conversations.
No-code bot builder

Botgate AI AppSumo lifetime deal 

For just $69.00, you can purchase a License Tier 1, which includes a one-time purchase of $360.00 worth of features. This license is perfect for small businesses or individual users who want to take advantage of all the features Dabbleboard has to offer.

License Tier 2 includes all features above, plus: -Unlimited projects -1 team member(s) -Custom domain -White labelling

SuperOkay is offering a special promotion for new users who want lifetime access to all future updates for the Solo, Solo+, or Business plans. There are no codes or stacking required–just choose the plan that’s right for you. However, you must activate your license within 60 days of purchase. Additionally, users have the ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers, making SuperOkay GDPR compliant. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason.

Botgate AI Lifetime deal Conclusion

Botgate AI is a great option for startups and small businesses who want to quickly set up a conversational marketing bot that scales with your business. With flexible customization and deep integrations, it can be used in any B2B or B2C business that wants to test the waters with chat UI.