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10 Best Webinar Affiliate program

In this post, I am going to show you the best webinar affiliate program you should promote. The webinar software is the most useful software for internet entrepreneurs.

Webinars are very effective sales tools that help you boost sales. I see a lot of marketers using webinar tools. They said it’s one of the cool marketing strategies that lead to massive conversion.

41% of marketers hosted the webinar, 83% of them find it very useful. 

One of the great marketers, Russell Brunson has demonstrated the success of using the webinar to generate leads.

Undoubtedly, the webinar is one of the best sales tools online right now. It would be a lucrative idea to promote any of this software and start generating consistent commission.

Webinar Affiliate Program

  1. Clickmeeting
  2. Webniar Jam
  3. Webniar Ninja
  4. Easy Webniar
  5. Ever Webniar
  6. Clickmeeting
  7. Livestorm
  8. Demio
  9. BigMarker
  10. GetResponse
  11. Goto Webniar

#1. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the best affiliate programs you can promote as an affiliate Marketer. It’s cloud-based software so You don’t need to install this software on your computer.  

It will help you do both live and automated webinars. ClickMeeting has a lot of features. It will charge you based on how many attendees you need. Their pricing plan has monthly and yearly plans. 

ClickMeeting has a 30-day free trial and no credit card is required to sign up for their program. You can sign up with CJ affiliate but it also has an in-house affiliate program… You can earn up to $515 in commission per sale.

Url: .

Commision: Up to $515

Cookie length: 120 days

#2. Webinar jam

Webinar Jam Is an awesome webinar and video conferencing software for meeting and webinar.

Webinar jam is the company that is owned by Genddi (Genesis Digital). It is very popular to online entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Webinar Jam claimed that it has a low refund rate, great affiliate support, Short sales cycle and industry-above conversion rate.

The affiliate program offers you 40% recurring commission. You can promote two different funnels. One is the main funnel that customers need to pay $497 for an annual subscription. Another funnel is the trial version where customers pay $1 for a 60-day trial.

If a customer doesn’t cancel the trial, They are billed $497 for the 1-year subscription. 


Commision: 40% recurring

Cookie length: not disclosed

#3. Webinar Ninja

Another Great webinar affiliate program is Webinar ninja. Its browser-based software that lets customers create live, automated, Hybrid, and series webinar.

Webinar jam has both monthly and annual pricing plans. 

They give users a 14-day free trial. For affiliate, they send you a 30% recurring commission and cookies stay for 90 days.

They have an in-house affiliate program.


Commission: 30%

Cookie length: 90 days

#4. Easy Webinar

EasyWebinar is a browser-based software that let’s online entrepreneurs, marketers create live conferences and webinar.

With an EasyWebinar, you can do both live and automated email. Users can buy both monthly and yearly plans. Unlike other affiliate programs, they offer 2000 attendees.

They offer a 14-day free trial. EasyWebinar has a 30% commission rate. Cookie length doesn’t disclose by EasyWebinar.


Commision: 30%

Cookie length: Not disclosed

#5. Ever Webinar

Ever Webinar is another webinar creation software for marketers. It is also owned by genesis Digital.

The main difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar is that: Ever Webinar allows you to create an automated webinar and WebinarJam is a live webinar tool.

Both affiliate program run on Kartra affiliate. Kartra is an also Genesis digital product.

Ever webinar sends you 40% recurring commission for every sell and cookie duration last 30 days.


Commission: 40%

Cookie length: 30 days

#6. Livestrom

LiveStrong is a software that has a free plan. It’s perfect for a small business owner who wants to experiment with webinar marketing.

Livestream pricing starts from $0. It’s a really simple solution for hosting live and automated webinars for online entrepreneurs.

With LiveStrom, you can earn a monthly recurring commission up to $100 per referred customer. Livestrom don’t disclose cookie duration


Commision: Up to $100

Cookie Duration: don’t disclose

#7. Demio

Demio is yet another easy to promote the affiliate program for the affiliate marketer. You can promote this webinar software with digital marketers, content creator. 

Demio is an awesome webinar solution that lets you do all the things you need to create and host the webinar.

They have a reasonable pricing plan compared to other webinar software. 

Demio is the software that is used by a lot of remarkable brands like ActiveCampaign, Appsumo, Drip and many more.

The webinar software also affiliates friendly. You can earn a significant commission when you recommend this product as an affiliate.


Commission: 30%

Cookie duration: 30 day

#8. Big Marker

Like all the webinar software, Big Marker lets you create automated webinar, Capture prospects details.

In their website, They say, Its awesome software with robust marketing features to create a webinar.

When someone buys from your Big Marker affiliate link, you will receive 50% commissions. 

I don’t recommend you to promote this software, because it not recurring based commission. 

So if you promote this product, you will get an only one-time payment of the first purchase.


Commision: 50% 

Cookie duration: Not available

#9. GetResponse

Getresponse not only webinar software but also it is a popular email marketing autoresponder.

It also helps you make live webinars and automated webinars. If you are promoting this software for the digital marketer and internet entrepreneur, you not only sell it as webinar software but also email marketing software. 

If you promote this software as an affiliate, You get $100 per sale and 33% recurring commission.


Comision: One time $100 or 33% recurring

Cookie duration: 120 days

#10. GotoWebinar

GotoWebniar and GotoMeeting are one of the oldest webinar platforms. This webinar platform was built by Logmeln back than 2004. 

GotoWebniar has a ton of features to organise and create a webinar. 

To become an affiliate marketer, You need to go their affiliate page and sign up their affiliate program.

Their affiliate program is managed by the Impact affiliate program.


Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie duration: 45 days

How to promote Webinar Software?

Are you wondering how to promote webinar software as an affiliate? In this section of the post, I am gonna share with you how to promote Webinar software.

You can promote this software in two ways: Paid and organic.

If you have so much time but no money, I recommend you to go for the organic method. You can start a blog and or youtube channel and then start reviewing webinar software. 

For paid methods, you can use google ads, and bing ads. First of all, you need a landing page where you send the traffic from your ads.

You must collect their email because you need to follow up with them later. 

I hope this article help you with selecting which webinar software you are going to promote. Can you please tell me which software you want to promote in the comment? I appreciate it. Thank you.

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