Best AI Voice Generators | Best Text To Speech Software Review

Best AI Voice Generator software is becoming more of a necessity for businesses and marketers. It’s also becoming more accessible to the everyday Joe. The technology behind TTS and the quality of the synthesized voices have come a long way.

In This blog post, We have reviewed the 10 best AI voice generators that help you solve your content puzzle. We also have discussed how it’s being used, by businesses and everyday people, to reach their audience.

Best AI Voice Generators Review

There are many software’s that generate fake voices with advanced voice generating technology. They can create deepfake voice, robot voice, funny voice, and other synthesized voices. These apps work with AI technology that uses advanced deep learning neural networks to generate authentic voices.

If you are a bit of a tech geek then you probably remember the HAL9000 voice from the movie “2001 Space Odyssey”. It was quite an achievement in its day and now we have a deepfake voice that you can generate yourself. You can create your own voice of a celebrity using the ai deepfake voice generator and by using the ai robot voice generator you can add some fun to your social media messages.

What can you do with an artificial intelligence-powered voice over?

There are many things that you can do with an artificial intelligence-powered voice over. Here is a quick list of a few of them.

  • You can create podcasts.
  • You can create audiobooks.
  • You can create audio messages.
  • You can create training and educational content.
  • You can create whiteboard animations.
  • You can create audiobooks.
  • You can create online tutorials.
  • You can create voice demos.
  • You can create audio recordings for websites.
  • You can create a voiceover for your own

Enough talk… let’s move on top 10 voice Generators

#1. Lovo AI voice Review


Price: $19.99/ Starter; $34.99/ Personal $99.99/ Freelancer

LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform providing natural-sounding and more personal AI voiceovers. Their speech platform has more than 180 voices in 34 languages, with 35+ new voices being added each month. Their voices are designed to be conversational, friendly and down-to-earth; with nuances in accent, pitch, speed, character and emotion.

LOVO voices can be used in a multitude of applications such as:

1. The AI voice of your brand or product

2. TV, radio and Podcast voiceovers

3. E-learning

Lovo Ai makes it easy to create your own voice for personal use or share with your friends. Lovo supports 34 languages and 50+ voice skins. You can train your own personal AI voice with help of the Lovo AI voice team.

Lovo AI voice Pros

  • Create AI voice
  • 50+voice skins
  • Powered by AI
  • 34 languages
  • Customize pronunciations
  • add emphases
  • control speed, insert pauses, and overlay background music for the right sound

Lovo AI voice Cons: 

  • Require signing up

#2. Voice Review

Price: Entry $24/month; Professional $449/ month

With resemble Ai, In just a few minutes you can create a charming, conversational virtual character that you can deliver your content to your customers.

The voices in popular media are becoming more and more lifelike. From the GPS in your car to your smartphone, many devices now use synthesized speech to communicate with users. But what happens when that speech sounds like a robot? Google and Amazon have worked hard to make sure their speech synthesizers aren’t robotic, but it’s still easy to tell what’s real and what’s synthetic. That’s why Resemble ai created human-like voices, which uses advanced algorithms to create realistic synthetic voices.

With, Create a realistic AI voice that sounds more human. With just a few clicks, you can generate realistic-sounding text-to-speech voices from scratch. With resemble AI, Design your own IVR agent with a human and synthetic voice. Voice Pros

  • Generate human-like voices
  • Fast speed Voice Cons

  • Require signing up

#3. Replica ai voice Review

Free & Paid

Price: $16/month

When you’re recording a voiceover for a game or film, it’s hard to get the emotion just right. That is unless you have a highly skilled voice actor who can deliver the right tone.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a talented voice actor without paying hundreds of dollars? Imagine being able to create the perfect voice over for your game – without having to spend hours finding the right voice over artist.

Solution: Replica creates exceptional voiceovers for games and films using artificial intelligence. The replica is an AI voice actor for games and films. The replica is a new and revolutionary technology that delivers the most natural-sounding voice performances. Replica’s AI voice actor learns from a real actor’s voice to produce the most natural sounding voices in games and films. Replica allows you to save time and resources by producing high-quality vocal performances without the need for a real actor.

Replica ai voice Pros

  • Access to voice in your games
  • Great for animation studios
  • See how the script works in a scene.

Replica ai voice Cons:

  •  Require signing up

#4. Overdub AI VOICE

Free & Paid

Price: $12/month, 24/ month for pro plan

You want to use voiceover but don’t have the budget for professional recordings.

Even the cheapest professional voiceover is still pretty expensive and you’re still not 100% sure what you’ll get when it comes to quality.

Solution: Overdub AI VOICE – Ultra-realistic voice cloning

Create a Text-to-Speech model of your voice: Overdub enables you to create a realistic text to speech model of your voice. Use our powerful voice cloning technology to create a text to speech model of your voice that you can use in your videos.

Overdub helps you replace your voice in your videos with a realistic synthetic voice. The voice model you create with Overdub is checked by our voice experts for high quality.

We provide you with a number of high-quality stock voices for you to choose from. You can also hire a voice actor to read your script

#5. Overdub AI VOICE Pros

  • collaborative audio/video editor
  • Ultra realistic
  • high quality stock voices

Overdub AI VOICE Cons 

  • Require signing up

#6. ai Voice Review


Check out here ai is a platform from which you can convert text to voice, which creates a realistic text-to-speech voice that is easily converted into a format suitable for your needs.

Most of the internet and social media content can now be listened to instead of reading. Why not make it more interesting?

Solution: Save time and money by using ai to add natural-sounding voices to written content

Clear, Confident, Professional: is a platform that allows business owners to create high-quality audio content for their websites. With, you can create clear, professional recordings in minutes. With, you can add voiceovers to any written content, create audio product tutorials, produce your podcast, and more. ai Voice Pros

  • Text to Speech API
  • text to Speech Widgets
  • Supported Languages & Accents ai Voice Cons

  • Require signing up

#7. Murf Ai voice Review

Hiring professionals to give you the right kind of voice over is expensive and time-consuming. Lots of people can’t afford to hire someone and even if you can, you’re still left waiting for them to schedule a recording session.

But there’s a better way to do this. With MURF AI, you can get amazing results with zero time commitment. You can create what you need whenever you need it. No waiting around. No wasted time.

Solution: Use MURF AI to make professional voiceovers for videos and presentations.

Voiceovers with hyper-realistic AI voices – You can start by typing in your script or just upload your home-style voice recording and convert it into a studio-quality AI voice over for your videos and presentations.

MURF’s AI is made to match voices with videos or presentations.

#8. Text to Speech Review

Speech From Text For Free: Spik.AI allows you to generate speech from the text for free, using our powerful, cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Use Spik.AI to generate speech, or download the MP3 or WAV file to use in your own apps.

At Spik.AI, they use a mix of different technologies to bring you the best text to voice generation technology. they start by mixing and matching different TTS voices to give them a more realistic feel. Then apply different machine learning models to generate speech from the text you specify. This results in a more realistic sounding voice.

#9. ClipChamp AI Voice Review

Get The Voice You Want, Without Any Extra Effort: Get the perfect voiceover for your video. Get Clipchamp’s AI-powered narration for your website, explainer video or podcast – without any editing or sound design experience. Our AI offers a world of voices in over a hundred languages, across a range of voices, dialects and accents. Outsource the voiceover job with a free, easy-to-use solution that works in your browser and across all screen sizes.: Want to add a slick voiceover to your video project, but don’t have the time or the skills

#10. Design Ai Speechmaker


Making a great speech or presentation is hard! If you’ve ever tried to write one, you know how challenging it can be.

The words don’t come when you need them and the ideas get stuck in your head.

Solution: Speechmaker is an app that makes writing a speech or presentation easy. Just type the words you want, add some pictures and watch as it turns your key points into a beautiful speech or presentation.

Speechmaker is a virtual assistant that helps you write better, faster, and easier than ever before. This innovative service represents the next generation of advanced speech-to-text transcription, taking speech recognition and voice-to-text translation to the next level. Speechmaker can be accessed via your web browser on your PC, tablet, or phone, and is available in more than 20 languages. Speechmaker also introduces a new concept in speech-to-text, where you can download and use your finished text in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Evernote, or even send it to your printer

#11. Sonantic AI Voice Review

Creating realistic, lifelike voices has always been a challenge for games and filmmakers.

Introducing sonantic AI, a cutting-edge new tool with expressive AI-generated voices that can be used in games and films. This tool lets you direct your own voice talent, creating compelling performances that will captivate your audience.

With sonantic AI you can have ready to use authentic-sounding voices for your projects in just minutes. Use this to deliver captivating performances and create a more immersive experience for your audience.

AI-powered, Fully Expressive and Customizable AI Voices that Add Amazing Levels of Realism to Games and Film: Sonantic’s advanced AI-powered voices can be used to create breathtaking, expressive performances in games and films that have never been possible before. The sonantic technology can also be used by games and filmmakers to create custom voices for characters in their games and films.

Best AI voice Review Conclusion

Voices are an essential part of our identity. If you want to create an AI that mimics the tone, personality, accent, and style, AI voice generators are a better choice. However, when businesses AI voice generators, security should not be an afterthought. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.