How to Start affiliate marketing without investment and following

So you want to start affiliate marketing business without investment and following. If so, in this article I am going to show you how to start a six-figure affiliate marketing business without following and investment.

When it comes to any kind of business, people think they have to be a lot of money or followers to start a business. That’s not true. There are a lot of businesses out there you can start without any money and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Now you can ask me, can you show me an example of affiliate marketing businesses that make six figures without investment?

Yes, I can. Evan and Eugene, The affiliate brothers, make six figures only utilising their Facebook group. You can see their journey here

Not only these two brothers, but they’re also a lot of ordinary people like me and you make six figures using only Facebook groups.

Facebook group is not only one platform you can use to make money from affiliate marketing without investment and following. There are a lot of platforms out there you can utilise to make decent money from affiliate marketing without investment and following. 

And today, I am going to show all of the methods that work for me and my affiliate marketing friend. This is premium information, you can not get it free anywhere. I have shared this because I genuinely want to help you.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Start affiliate marketing with a blog without investment and followers

Yes, You can start a blog without any investment and followers. You may be thinking, If I want to start affiliate marketing with a blog, it needs at least domain and hosting.

But in this case, You don’t need a domain and hosting. Even you can get results immediately where self-hosted blogs need at least 6 months to get organic visitors. 

With this blogging platform, you can rank keywords from day 1. Yes, I am talking about

Medium is the platform you can utilise to make a lot of sales. It has a strong domain authority. So you can rank high competitive keywords without building backlink and social shares. So how can you start with

First of all, you need to select a niche. For niche selection, you can prioritize your passion. Wealth, health and relationships are the niches are great affiliate marketing. You can choose one of them. Let’s say, I love the wealth niche. In the wealth niche, there are a lot of sub-niches. I choose affiliate marketing as a sub-niche. So select one that from this 3 niche

After selecting a niche, you need to create a medium account with your email address. 

Then you need to start writing. I recommend writing the first 10 articles with a low competitive informative keyword. You might be ranked with these keywords within 10 days. 

So after getting some authority, You can start writing money articles. Money article means that those are the articles that make you the most money. This kind of article is a review, comparison post.

You need to select an awesome product from your niche and review on your medium blog. You can find products on affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank, digistore24.

The medium allows affiliate links but you need to disclose somewhere in your article. If you don’t do this, the medium will restrict the organic reach of your content.

Medium is one of the best platforms for blogging and affiliate marketing. If you want instant results without investments and followers, the medium is perfect for you.

How to start Affiliate marketing in youtube without showing your face, investment and followers

Youtube is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers. It’s a lot easier than Google. When it comes to youtube, keywords play a major role in your success. When you start a youtube channel, you don’t have followers and authority. So you need to focus on very low competitive keywords.

Like blogging, you need to select a super narrow niche. Then you need to create content such as review content, comparisons content. These are money-making videos. For building trust, you also need to create informative, valuable content. Informative content also helps you grow your youtube channel and increase subscribers.

You can do blogging and youtube both as the same niche. Let’s say, You create content about tennis in your blog. The same content you can use on your youtube channel as a video format. You can use tools like Vidnami and lumen5 to create text-based videos without showing your face.

Youtube is another lucrative way to do affiliate marketing without investments and followers. So if you want to start an affiliate marketing business without investments, youtube is your go-to platform.

Start affiliate marketing with Facebook groups

Facebook group organic reach is huge now. You can start your entire affiliate marketing business in Facebook groups. 

First of all, You need to create a Facebook group about your niche. Then you will join another Facebook group relevant to your niche. Join as many groups as possible. Then start providing as much value as possible. When you provide value, your ideal audience attracts you and some people visit your Facebook profile. In Facebook profile, You need to add your Facebook group link. You can add this in your Facebook banner, bio and featured photos. You can see the photo below for inspiration.

You can also add people to your profile every day from relevant groups. This way, people also attract your profile and join your group. You can also invite them to your group.

This way you can grow your Facebook group. Every day, you need to provide value to your group. When people trust you, you can suggest products related to your niche. Facebook groups work well with high ticket products. 

Hope this article helps you a lot how to start an affiliate marketing business without investment and followers. If you like this article, please help us share this article.